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NAKED Chibi Harry Styles (Censored) :iconpunkbitchsaya44:PunkBitchSaya44 0 0


Old Woman Josie and Erika by Admantius Old Woman Josie and Erika :iconadmantius:Admantius 115 8
Terezi x Shy!Reader - Tower of Power
All of your life, you’ve been on the quiet side. Always the follower, never the leader. You never minded being an abstract follower, and ever since kindergarten, you had dedicated yourself to following one particular person; Terezi Pyrope, the teal-blooded maniac that made your heart beat faster than a speeding racecar. You would follow her around any and every day, not that you had a choice at all.
Your current location was the fair. School had just ended and Terezi had dragged you to the fairgrounds, ready to experience what you, as a human, called ‘thrill.’ You had prepared yourself for the best, and also the worst. Considering the fact that Terezi had never experienced a human celebration as full-fledged as the county fair, but you would hopefully show her a good time - or the other way around, considering how hard she was yanking you along.
“C’mon, [Name],” She yelled back at you, “I’ve got to ride all of these rides. I am just achin
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 225 41
Mature content
Karkat x RainbowDrinker!Reader- r e d w i n e :iconsabakunoeyebrows:SabakuNoEyebrows 195 42
Cold (Eridan x Reader, flush crushes)
“Hey, (name), you cold?” You shake your head, secretly pulling your cardigan as you did. You lamented having brought a thin coat to such a cold day. Then again, who would have expected the weather to plunge into colder temperatures while you were out? The violetblood that walked beside you had the foresight to bring with him a thicker coat today. He walked confidently in long strides while you struggled to keep up with his pace. Eridan had paused for now, concerned for your wellbeing. For a moment, you were surprised by this sudden display of concern from the usually self-absorbed troll.
“No, I- yeah, I’m fine. Geez Eridan, what’s gotten into you?” You playfully clap him on the back before hurriedly walking off. You could feel him staring at you as you walked away- not to mention the fact that your ears felt astonishingly warm at the thought. You halted to look back and he was indeed just staring at you.
“Eridan?” You call, shaking
:iconparliamentarily:parliamentarily 301 31
Mature content
Play Time {Kankri x Reader x Cronus} 01 :iconprincesssakura1221:PrincessSakura1221 69 15
Tip of My Tongue (Eridan x Bullied!Reader)
The funny thing is, his name is always on the tip of your tongue. His friendship--- and then your crush--- were so unexpected. Because, after all, his personality doesn't really allow for friendship, let alone friendship with humans. And yet, here you are anyway, no quadrants filled but your closest companion a certain violet-blooded seadweller troll.
He doesn't complain at you about his quadrants quite as much, anymore; you think he figures you're probably a little tired of hearing his troubles. And, you are, but mainly because you want him. You want him to notice you the way he wants people to notice him; and you've just been getting quieter and quieter as the months go on. You met him three years ago in art class, as eighth graders, and the two of you just kind of banded together when everyone else seemed to hate you. Eridan because he could be an asshole (usually was, actually), and you because you preferred not to speak when possible.
You're still that way, really. But as long as
:iconremembertheginger:remembertheginger 267 57
You know it's over when... (Karkat x Reader)
You know it's over when he won't look at you.
When you try making eye contact with him, he goes out of his way to make sure you can't, and sometimes when you finally do make eye contact, he gives you a long guilty look.
"Karkles? Is something wrong?" You asked when you caught him looking at you. Karkat's lip twitched, and he looked away.
This confused you greatly, but you shrugged it off, though you were worried, you knew better than to pry it out of him.
You know its over when  you message him and he's too 'busy' to hang out with you.
(SN) [SN] began trolling carincoGeneticist [CG] at 6:13
(SN) : Karkat?
(SN) : I wanted to see if you wanted to go to the movies with me to see A Walk To Remember?
(SN) : You there?
(SN) : Hello?
(SN) : Ok...
(SN) : <3
(SN) [SN] ceased trolling carincoGeneticistat [CG] at 6:24
Greatly disappointed, and a bit hurt, you went to the movies by yourself.
'Busy...with what?'
You know it
:iconnudorunoodles:NudoruNoodles 284 174
Grub!Signless x Highblood!Reader
   The female (h/b/c) Trolls’ frightened eyes searched around the perimeter of the grand high-bloods castle; for him or any lower blooded trolls. The troll let out a breath that she hadn't known that she was holding then bolted out of the castles doors and out into the deserted wasteland outside of it. Oddly, there were no carriages that would be carrying the Grand High Bloods prey. She ignored the strange occurrence and continued to the way she was told in the letter she had opened not too long ago.
   That letter had come from a certain jade blooded troll whom seemed to be in quite a predicament. Honestly, The two of them had been moirails ever since they were grubs, but since they were a few Blood colors apart- The jade blood had been forced into slavery (or that was what the highblood was told)and the (h/b/c) had gone to work under the grand high blood. Neither of them could figure out which one was worse. But, they decided that neither of them were too ba
:iconxalath:Xalath 262 20
Punk Prince (Male!Meenah x Reader)
You rolled out of your bed and tugged on your uniform, groggy and acting only on habitat as your mind had yet to fully wake.
Then you slipped out of the door and fell into line in between two trolls, your circular, army green symbol putting you between a young olive blood and young jadeblood.
You were one of two hundred humans placed in her Imperial Radiance’s fleet and only one of five that were on this ship. You rarely ever ran into any of other humans, save for the one that was the ship’s only doctor. And according to her, you were the nicest human onboard, the other humans apparently being very rough and coarse from years of being in the company of trolls.
You shifted your weight, watching as some of the trolls socialized with one another as the lot of you waited for the head highblood to come and give today’s orders.
“Hello.” A bright, glowing pale head slipped into your line of vision.
You looked at the jadeblood beside you. One of her horns was brok
:iconauthorspet:AuthorsPet 121 22
Mature content
SB: Shining Light Ch.1 [Male!Human!PorrimxReader] :iconauthorspet:AuthorsPet 25 3
Flavours and Fun - Nepeta
Adjusting your (h/c) cat ears that matched your (h/l) hair, you turned slightly as you checked that the matching cat tail wasn’t screwed up. You had the kitty maid set for quite a while and hadn’t revealed to your positive – or should I say, ‘pawsitive’ – and smiling matesprit yet, since you were a little embarrassed to have gotten them; who would not be embarrassed by a kitty set that came with a French maid’s outfit? But hey, it’ll be a good surprise, right? After all, she actually did a lot for you in the 2 sweeps you were together, so might as well do something for her in return.
You walked into the kitchen and looked in the oven as the mainly olive-themed pizza continued being cooked. You checked the timer to take note of how much time there was left until the pizza would be ready and your girlfriend would arrive and pounce on you; five more minutes and the surprise may be revealed.
Using that amount of time in use, you went to look
:iconsukikimura:SukiKimura 86 12
Flavours and Fun - Kanaya
You were setting up the table for your matesprit’s arrival, putting everything in place. ‘Not only will it be a treat, but it’ll be a rather helpful and (maybe) educational one.’ you thought to yourself with a slight smirk. Besides, she’ll be happy to see you dressed so fashionably, with your jade green long-sleeved top, black flowing skirt and green flats. Maybe your pretty outfit will convince her to get her hands just a little dirty to make her first sandwich.
You took your (f/c) coat and walked out of your apartment to wait outside in the autumn atmosphere for her like you usually do during the spring, summer and autumn (In the winter, you prepare hot chocolate and marshmallows for her).You sat down on the steps outside and placed your hands on top of your knees, looking at the cars passing by. After a few minutes of waiting, you see the familiar black Ferrari stop in front of the building. The passenger door opens and out comes your fashionable girlfr
:iconsukikimura:SukiKimura 92 18



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United States
Hey, my name is something you need not know. My age is personal. My emotions are as vast as the universe. My memories are as close as my beating heart. My mind is as complex as the works of space. My life is something that can be taken lightly or heavily. My views are expressed in individual ways. I am an individual. I am unique. I am me and nothing will change that. <3
  • Listening to: Pierce the Veil
  • Reading: Homestuck
Hey everyone,
it's been a while since I updated, but I've been working on cleaning up my room and cosplays and such.. plus, I've been reading Homestuck...anyway..

So, I've got this wig I want to get rid because I don't ever wear, I've nothing to do with it, and it's just taking up space in my room. I'll post pictures of it later, but I'd appreciate it if someone could take it off my hands. It's in good condition, it has a pretty crappy cutting job on one side, but it shouldn't be too bad, it's from and I'm willing to charge $15-20 for it, which I think is a great deal because it was originally around $30 if I remember correctly. I'd really appreciate it if someone could buy it or someone's friend is interested and willing to buy it. It's never been worn.

Here's a post on Tumblr that tells more about it along with some pictures of the wig. 

Thank you for reading this!
Saya aka Kitsune 


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